Guidelines for Authors

1. Submission of Papers

Our online submission system guides you through the process of entering your manuscript and uploading your files. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor-in-chief's decision and requests for revision, is sent by email. All submissions must contain names and email addresses of 3-5 potential reviewers who are working in the area but not affiliated with any of the authors. The review is not necessarily entrusted to the proposed reviewers.

Papers which are to be considered further are sent to peer review and then undergo a process of editorial assessment. The Editor-in-chief or other Editorial Board members are not involved in decisions for papers which they have written themselves.

Authors must submit manuscripts electronically by using the JOURNAL's Template (click here). If there is reference material that is both essential for the reviewing process and unavailable to the reviewers, the authors should provide an electronic copy for the sake of expediting the review process.

The number of Manuscript pages is limited to 20 pages including reference and tables. Authors should be aware that unnecessarily long manuscripts may receive unfavorable reviews. Publication of an accepted manuscript beyond the required number of pages must be accompanied by $100 for each printed page beyond 20.

JoDA publishes only original material. Original means the work has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor which is under review for another publication. Papers presented at academic events such as conferences, workshops, seminars or symposiums, and published prepublications such as arXiv can be reviewed. Originality is compromised in a number of ways: plagiarism, failure to cite one's own previously published work, multiple submission, and submission of previously reviewed and rejected manuscripts.

2. Submission Requirements

JoDA’S Template for Manuscripts can be found here. The manuscript files must be in PDF.

3. Review Procedures

Editor Assignments: A Senior Editor is assigned to each submission that best matches content of the submission. The author specifies the Area at the time of submission. The Editor-in-chief may change the Area to better match the content of the manuscript.

Prescreening: Previously rejected submissions to other journals will be closely scrutinized during the pre-screening process. Such resubmissions may be rejected due to inadequate justification for the resubmission.

Previously rejected submissions to JoDA are subjected to a more rigorous prescreening process. The justification for resubmission and the authors’ response to the issues that led to rejection are examined closely. Resubmissions that fail to adequately justify the resubmission will be rejected without review.

Peer Review: Submissions to JoDA that pass prescreening are peer-reviewed. .Each published article is reviewed by a minimum of three independent reviewers using a single-blind anonymized peer-review process to assess the scientific quality of the paper including novelty, efficiency and high social impact. Manuscripts will be screened for plagiarism before review and before acceptance. The Editor-in-chief is responsible for the final decision to accept or reject papers.

Revisions: For manuscripts that receive a Major Revision or Minor Revision decision, the author is invited to submit a revised version of the manuscript together with a separate file, with file designation Response to Reviewers, that details a point-by-point response to all issues raised by the editors and reviewers.

Editorial Decisions: The Editor-in-chief makes a decision based on the comments of the anonymous reviewers and his or her own reading of the manuscript. JoDA uses four decisions: Reject, Major Revision, Minor Revision, and Accept.

Submission of Final Manuscript Files: After a paper is recommended for publication, the corresponding author will be contacted by the Editorial Office and given information on what is required for the Final Submission. Authors should be careful to ensure that any differences between the accepted manuscript and the version in Final Submission Package be clearly marked and be in accordance with instructions from the Vice editor-in-chief or Responsible Associate Editor.

Discloseability: The material submitted for publication is properly available for general dissemination to the audiences. It is the responsibility of the author, not JoDA, to determine whether disclosure of materials requires the prior consent of other parties.